About astrology

How astrology can help you

An astrologer can gleen a significant amount

of information from your natal chart. This

may include information such as of how you

think, your emotional needs, health and

health issues, relationship and relationship

patterns, suitable careers, life lessons and

past life themes that may be impacting your

current life. Understanding these natural

tendencies provides you with a greater

understanding of how you function in the

world assisting you to perform better as you now know your strengths and weaknesses and can you play to those.

Astrology also provides an understanding of timing of events in your life. Planets transiting your chart and aspecting your natal planets can set off a chain of events that impacts your life, not necessarily in a bad way although it is usually the more difficult transits that people notice, but it is helpful to understand what is happening and gain some idea of how long this will last for as this can assist you in managing these experiences.

What type of issues can an astrology consultation cover?

Consultations may be on topics such as health, career and finance, relationships, understanding yourself and how you function in the world as well as past lives and key lessons you may have in this life.