About astrology

What is a triple moon? 

The Triple Moon (see  image at right) is a Celtic symbol representing the three aspects of the feminine - the Mother, Maid and the Crone or Wise Woman. Integration of all aspects of the self is a noble goal in life (guys, this goes for you as well as for the girls) so this is an apt name for a natural therapies business.


About Kerri Stewart

My first astrology studies comprised a couple of terms with Pamela Rowe in about 1991 back in the day when astrological charts were hand-drawn. I began to focus intently on my studies in 2007 and have consistently expanded my astrological knowledge since then by attending a variety of workshops, lectures and conferences.

IPresenters at these events included internationally renown astrologers such as Demetra George, Verena Bachman, Frank Clifford, Bernadette Brady, Steven Forrest, Noel Tyl, Lynn Bell and Robert Hand. I have also had the opportunity to hear many fine Australian astrologers including the late, great Roderick Kidston. 

I am currently undertaking the Diploma of Applied Astrology with Astro*Synthesis Astrology, which is an astrology school run by internationally known astrologer Brian Clark, working towards membership of  the Australian professional astrologers association APA Inc (Association of Professional Astrologers).


My diploma thesis (15,000 words) topic is  on the Asteroid Hecate ( No. 100).  I am interested in the so-called third age of feminism, the current renewed interest in the Divine Feminine and wise-woman (or crone) wisdom. 


  • Victorian Association of Astrologers/Federation of Australian Astrologers

Courses and qualifications


  • Birth Chart Interpretation 1 year course with Stella Woods (2007)

  • Practice Chart Reading and Predictive Techniques 1 year course with Stella Woods (2008)

  • Certificate of Applied Astrology - AstroSynthesis, Melbourne  (2015).


  • Government accredited Diploma in Hypnotherapy (completed Dec 2015) 

  • Government accredited Cert IV in Hypnotherapy  (completed August 2013)

  • Sheila Granger Virtual Gastric Banding - Certified Practitioner 

  • Woolger Institute Level 1 Deep Memory Process (5 day intensive on past life regression run by astrologer Patricia Walsh in 2012)

  • Past Life Regression (2 day workshop for hypnotherapists run by David Donohoo)

Other therapies

  • Australian Natural Therapies Association (ANTA) approved Certificate in Flower Essences and Wholistic Counselling (2013).