Goddess Astrology

Other than Venus the goddesses in astrology are represented by the asteroids.  While the asteroids are small in size many of them are named for powerful feminine archetypes.

Consideration of these archetypes in the astrological chart provides a more holistic representation of the individual, for both women and men. Increasing awareness of the Goddess also likely means that, finally, qualities and skills of the  Feminine will gain increased visibility within the collective. This will make a nice change for the mature Feminine in particular and is timely given the loosening of patriarchy's hold on society.    

Getting to know your Goddess(es)

If you are drawn to a particular goddess it may well indicate that she is prominent in your astrological chart. If your goddess has an asteroid named in her honour I can customise an astrological reading for you with a special focus on your particular asteroid goddess.

For further information please email me your goddess' name.

Interested in a more general overview of the key astrological asteroid goddesses and their placement in your natal chart? Then order a Solar Writer Goddess report. Customised to your chart and featuring the four largest asteroids, Ceres, Pallas-Athena, Juno and Vesta,

as well as the wisdom of Hygieia, Ariadne, Europa, Pandora, Mnemosyne, Hecate, Cassandra and Medea.  

See a sample report here. 


A deeper understanding of your Goddess 

archetypes can set you on the path to

developing skills and talents related to her

or reclaiming her old knowledge can be helpful

 or healing in your current life.  

Image by Celeste Horrocks