Goddess reports

The mystery and power of 12 goddesses are revealed in this ground-breaking report helping you to discover your true potential. Read about the mythology of your 12 Greco-Roman Asteroid Goddesses as well as the interpretations of each in the sign and house of your birth chart.


The 45 page report contains:

  • An Insightful Introduction to Goddess Mythology.

  • The Mythology of each of the 12 Asteroid Goddess.

  • Ceres: The Earth Mother in the houses and signs.

  • Pallas Athene: The Wisdom of the Warrior in the houses and signs.

  • Juno: Socialising the Soul in the houses and the signs.

  • Vesta: The Inner Life in the houses and signs.

  • Hygieia: The Soul of Health in the houses and signs.

  • Ariadne: The Labyrinth of the Soul in the houses and signs.

  • Europa: The Soul of the Earth in the houses and signs.

  • Pandora: A Gift of Hope in the houses and signs.

  • Mnemosyne: The Soul of Memory in the houses and signs.

  • Hecate: The Soul in Transition in the houses and signs.

  • Cassandra: The Prophetic Soul in the houses and signs.

  • Medea: Herbalist and Healer in the houses and signs.

Check out a sample goddess report here


These reports are personalised with your name and birth details and provided to you via email in a PDF format. ​

Each report costs $40 AUD. 

Beautifully illustrated, these reports also make unique gifts.  They can be customised to include a photograph of the person the report is about. Formatted for printing, you can easily print the report off yourself if you prefer to give a hard copy version. 

To order click on the Order Now button above and email your report request - make sure you include your name and your full  birth details (full date of birth, time of birth (if known) and location (city, state and country). 

If the report is a gift then include the first and family/surname of the person/people the report is on, their full birth data.  and, if you wish, attach a good quality photo of them for inclusion. 

You will receive a confirmation email with Paypal payment instructions.  Your report(s) will be emailed to you on receipt of payment.