21 December 2020: Summer Solstice and the Jupiter-Saturn Great Conjunction

Today marks the Summer Solstice here in Melbourne, Australia (11.31pm local time). Astrologically the Southern hemisphere Summer solstice is marked by the Sun moving into Capricorn. Unlike our Northern cousins who are now slowing down and retreating inwards at the Winter solstice we are out and about celebrating the abundance and bounty of summer.

For that reason I have chosen to reboot my astrology practice today after a few years break to gain my astrology diploma (a prerequisite to join the Association of Professional Astrologers Inc). I am now taking bookings for the new year so message me for details or check my website

Today also sees the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn who meet up at 0 degrees 28 minutes Aquarius. The great actually refers to the fact that this conjunction starts a new series of conjunctions in Air signs over the next 200 years. Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions occur every 20 years and have been in Earth signs since 1842, except for the 1980 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction which also occurred in Aquarius, an Air sign. Where a conjunction occurs in the upcoming element of the next set of conjunctions it is designated a Great Mutation.

When these conjunctions occur in a new element we see a new era commence. The last time Jupiter and Saturn meet in the air signs was between 1186 – 1405AD. This period saw the start of the Renaissance, an intense period of European cultural, artistic, political and economic rebirth that followed the Dark Ages around 1300 as well as the Black Plague (1346-1353). Air signs are about technology, communication, collective knowledge and a focus on working together for the greater good. Earth signs are about material comforts, security and possessions.

Jupiter-Saturn cycles are closely linked to financial cycles in general. With Air conjunctions we may now finally see the growing financial divide across society start to be addressed and a decrease in the obsession with the property market and home renovation that has been rampant the last 20 years, particularly here in Australia.

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