Super Flower Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse - 26 May, 2021

The 2021 eclipse season kicks off with a busy lunar eclipse that is also a Super Moon (14% bigger and 30% brighter thanks to her orbit bringing her closest to the Earth), a Flower Moon (so-called for the Spring flowers starting to blossom in the Northern Hemisphere) and a Blood Moon (thanks to the reddish hue the Moon turns when she is in the Earth’s shadow).

Visible across Australia the full eclipse begins at 9.11pm through to 9.25pm but enthusiasts can view it in its entirety from 6.47pm though to about 11pm. The Moon reaches fullness (her exact opposition to the Sun at 9.14pm, Melbourne time) at 5 degree 25 minutes of Sagittarius.

Lunar eclipses are potent generally but even more so when they are a Super Moon. The Moon rules our emotions, intuition and our subconscious. As eclipses are portals what has been stirring within us now bubbles up to our consciousness providing some new insight or illumination. Full Moons are times of culmination, something shifts in us so we can move on but we do need to let go of what is no longer useful or now too restrictive for us.

With the eclipse occurring in Sagittarius this could mean it is time to embrace a new, or a more authentic belief system, one that somehow frees you up or aligns with you more. With Jupiter on the bends of the eclipse (squaring the lunar Nodes) we now get another chance to address a Jupiter-related missed step, being something you either didn't do or didn't do well. This might be a chance for freedom or adventure you were not brave enough to take previously or a change you needed to make that would have allowed you to live more authentically or follow your current beliefs more closely. At this eclipse you get the opportunity for a do-over even if you faltered in a past life as the Nodes are karmic points. Chiron, the wounded healer, is also making a flowing aspect (a trine) to the eclipsed Moon so it may be a little easier to acknowledge that old or deep wound and address it now.

This eclipse is garnering a lot of media attention and with so many people globally focusing on the Moon there is a great deal of psychic energy directed to Moon-related things such as emotions. You might find things getting a bit erratic and if so, try to keep yourself grounded (sometimes just focusing on your feet helps).

People with birthdays five days either side of this eclipse or those with planets around 5 degrees of Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo or Pisces you are likely to feel this eclipse more intently than others.

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